America is Like a Garden…

When you plant a garden, you don’t plant just one kind of plant. You plant several. Many, even. Tomatoes & beans & sunflowers, squash & corn & watermelon, too. Variety brings beauty & abundance.

Likewise, when you tend your garden, you give each plant what it needs to grow & thrive– water, nutrients, sun, & protection against blight & bugs & hungry predators. You don’t neglect any in your garden if you want to enjoy a bountiful harvest.

So it is with America.

We, the People, are the Garden & the Gardener.

Government is our gardening tool. With it, we establish the means & methods for tending our potential for abundance. We adapt it to changing conditions, imbue it with powers to maintain the health & safety of the Garden. Not just the roses. Not just the apple tree.

Government serves All of Us or None.