This project is the artistic expression of Truth As I Know It. The Truth of what it means to be We the People at this unparalleled period in the United States of America. All of us are called to act. All of us face the same sea-change in the landscape of the social, economic, and political spheres in the world around us. All of us can overcome the storms on the horizon, but only if we recognize our part in this voyage.

My part, as I perceive it at this time, is to describe the America I live in. The tools in my toolkit: drawing, painting, photography, and writing. I have faith that the right tool for the job at hand will always present itself. It is my intention to be honest and thoughtful in the expression of the Truth As I Know It; however, I reserve the right to be wrong, off-track, ridiculous, or otherwise incorrect. This project isn’t about Perfect Truth. This project is about exploring what it means to be an American in the Age of Terror & Tyranny.

I believe in All of Us or None.