Backing Away From Hell…

Today is the General Strike. I have committed to Showing Up.

And, as I suspected, I am Backing Away From Hell–the Pain, Anger, and Fear that grows outside my door. I am retreating into my Safe Little Bubble–my home, my art, my digital window on the Injustice and Rage and Confusion that have taken root in my Country.

I am afraid of what is to come. Afraid for me, for my husband, for my adult children, for my grandchildren, of course… but even more for my neighbors, my co-workers, my street friends, and my fellow commuters on public transit. I feel the ground beneath my feet shifting, and I’m afraid of what lies beneath.

My expectation was that I would Do Everything. That’s my go-to response ANYtime someone near me is suffering. I must help. I must do the Right Thing. I must Do Everything.

This is the express line to Moral Paralysis. And Depression (that’s me).

No One can Do Everything. Many have tried. We’re capable of doing Many Things, but none can Do Everything.

Today, I will Do Something. I will do the Next Right Thing (as a Wise Woman once advised me). Today, I will Make A Difference, even if in a small way. Petit a’ petit, l’oiseaux fait son nid as they say in France: Little by little, the bird makes its nest.

I have made my Protest Sign:

All of Us or None
Government serves All of Us or None

And I am preparing to attend the General Strike in Downtown Oakland, my City.

I am doing this because I have a strong need to heed the call of Social Justice, to work toward an equitable, peaceful, and cooperative world. I have a strong need to Take Action, because Talk is Cheap. I’m doing this because the people I know in my World believe in Social Justice, too, but they don’t have the Privilege of attending the General Strike– they’re striving just to get by.

Isn’t it Ironic?

Blessed Be the People.


America is Like a Garden…

When you plant a garden, you don’t plant just one kind of plant. You plant several. Many, even. Tomatoes & beans & sunflowers, squash & corn & watermelon, too. Variety brings beauty & abundance.

Likewise, when you tend your garden, you give each plant what it needs to grow & thrive– water, nutrients, sun, & protection against blight & bugs & hungry predators. You don’t neglect any in your garden if you want to enjoy a bountiful harvest.

So it is with America.

We, the People, are the Garden & the Gardener.

Government is our gardening tool. With it, we establish the means & methods for tending our potential for abundance. We adapt it to changing conditions, imbue it with powers to maintain the health & safety of the Garden. Not just the roses. Not just the apple tree.

Government serves All of Us or None.

And So It Begins…

All of Us or None

Our systems of self-governance must serve All of Us, or else they serve None of Us. This is how I feel about the current socio-political climate of the world around me. I am inspired to use creativity to examine and express the Truth I see: the real people and places affected by the upheaval of the world we thought we were creating. Inclusiveness, tolerance, decency, justice, democracy,… these values are under threat by a government steeped in corruption and greed.

Like many Americans, I recognize the injustice and inequity woven into our everyday lives, and like many Americans, I struggle to find what I can do to make a difference. I choose to use creativity to explore and express what I observe in the world around me. I intend to do so ethically, thoughtfully, and honestly. The views I express in this blog are explicitly my own.

And so begins the All Of Us Or None Project.

Blessed Be.